That she’s so named implies that she had specific interest in Susanna

That she’s so named implies that she had specific interest in Susanna

The latest genealogists the consider it high one to Nicholas’ spouse Clementia is integrated right here since the, not as much as typical facts, she’d not mentioned. When Susanna at specific later date got over to a special guardian, the fresh wife of this guardian wasn’t mentioned.

This will signify Queen John spent a bit indeed there and you can the possibility of an amorous liaison with Clementia exists

Below listed here is a principle complex because of the certain eminent genealogists, but it’s fair to say that the fresh new results try hotly contested!

This theory results in a great and you can interested ‘twist’ regarding tale from Joanna, that could attention admirers from HBD!

On top, there is absolutely nothing to strongly recommend any commitment involving the hostage, Susanna away from Wales and you can Clementia, partner out of Nicholas de Verdun. But not, the experience of some genealogists with foreign hostages, like young ones, has been that they had been have a tendency to place with family members, if any had been available.

Bouncing forward to 1236, there is certainly an admission in the Tewkesbury annals and this relates to Joanna’s mommy because “King Clemencie!” They reads in part:

Today, we know that mommy out of Joanna are entitled Clementia (Clemence?

In this case the new monk was obviously indulging inside gothic legalism. Before their death, Joanna got legitimised from the Pope. Based on one to legitimisation, the newest Tewksbury monk plainly took they on themselves to elevate Joanna’s mom toward standing of Queen, since if their unique mom is King John’s partner! It is a fact yet not, you to definitely King John and you can Clementia have been never ever partnered. Of the dealing with Joanna’s mommy just like the “Queen” Clementia, brand new monk just who filed Joanna’s demise are exhibiting their tall regard for Joanna, however wanting to change the real facts. Continue reading