Alice cannot let dropping with the powerful and you may sexy Luca

Alice cannot let dropping with the powerful and you may sexy Luca

A peaceful nights for the New york turns into a keen electrically charged come across when millionaire tycoon Luca O’Hagan finds himself alone together with his brother’s beautiful secretary. The fresh destination he feels getting Alice can’t be overlooked; they have having their particular….

Yet , when he suggests a wedding off comfort, she refuses, knowing she does not have any his love. However, maybe she actually is started as well hasty-this woman is simply located the woman is that have his youngster!

Riccardo’s Secret Child (By:Cathy Williams)

Billionaire businessman Riccardo Fabbrini try upset you to their youngster was actually left a secret out-of him! The guy attributed his daughter’s guardian ab muscles quite Julia Nash. And then he intended to explore attraction given that his revenge! Anyway, no lady had immunity system up against the complete force out-of his attraction… . However with for every searing kiss he shared with Julia, Riccardo’s hobbies drove him to look at an alternate, significantly more permanent move to make… .

Their Maternity Offer (By:Kim Lawrence)

It had been one night off interests Megan could not ignore Luc Patrick had professionally pulled her and you may utilized their own… leaving their particular expecting along with his little one. However Megan tracked along the alluring Frenchman and you can was leftover out of breath by the his offer wed your in the interests of the youngster Sioux Falls, SD girls for marriage. How would Megan alive a lifetime of duty whenever she secretly enjoyed her husband?However, if wedding to help you Luc was an event away from cool benefits during the day, following by night it absolutely was one of hot interest… .

New Carides Maternity (By:Kim Lawrence)

Naive Becca June is lured from the Greek tycoon Christos Carides. Knowing of the latest hostility anywhere between their loved ones, Christos deliberately hides their correct title. Their lovemaking is actually romantic and you may Becca finds out she actually is pregnant Christos’s child! Christos are mad you to Becca enjoys attempted to keep their pregnancy of your, and you can he is computed to help you get married their own. Exactly what sweeter way of getting his payback?

Pregnant of the Millionaire

Hebe can not trust she actually is wound-up within her handsome boss’s bed. However it looks Nick Cavendish simply must be which have somebody on the anniversary out of his younger son’s passing. Nick tries to write off Hebe in the same way they have every his feminine. But that is not so simple when Hebe’s their secretary and the woman is had morning problems! Nick provides an improvement regarding heart: he could be been delivered an extra opportunity from the fatherhood! However, Hebe’s heart was breaking, having a wedding as she actually is into child’s purpose.

Which have Leo’s Child (By:Emma Darcy)

Leo is determined to wed Teri, the caretaker regarding his child. However, Teri wouldn’t forget you to Leo had never ever felt marrying their before she decrease pregnant and you may great sex wasn’t love. Would this new tie of their child be enough? What rate which wedding?

His Very Personal Assistant

Whenever Kit was rented because personal secretary so you’re able to Marcus Maitland, she are happy to fighting your in the event the their particular practical suits, glas*ses and big hairstyle didn’t get it done, next their unique chill, untouchable style manage. not, while in the a functional week-end aside, Marcus come providing really private with his secretary. Instead of their own glas*ses and you can prim dresses, Kit sensed undressed hence recommended Marcus alright!

The fresh new Prince’s Waitress Partner (By:Sarah Morgan)

When virgin waitress Holly was tossed towards playboy prince’s fingers, the guy lives doing his sinful character of the bed linen their own upcoming casting their unique out!

Holly try pregnant! Casper are mad; Holly’s simply a good scheming gold digger, however, regal process demands the guy build their particular his bride to be!

Simple Holly provides the relationships out-of their particular hopes and dreams and you may Casper knows her first duty since his simpler partner will be to their matrimony nights… .

The new Virgin Secretary’s Impossible Manager

Linus Harrison’s maleness is a little excessive to possess their sensible, bespectacled secretary, Andrea. He can make their own heartbeat in great amounts! Plus the final thing Andi anticipates would be to must spend a week-end alone along with her insane, irrepressible workplace .