Verses: Stargate SG1, Stargate Atlantis, The latest Sentinel, Buffy the newest Vampire Slayer, NCIS, CSI (all/any), Supernatural, an such like

Verses: Stargate SG1, Stargate Atlantis, The latest Sentinel, Buffy the newest Vampire Slayer, NCIS, CSI (all/any), Supernatural, an such like

Some WeirdAss Mixing

Title: Certain WeirdAss Mixing (demands term – guidance greet) Author: Rowaine () Summary: Assembling an enthusiastic offworld, out-of-universe journey is much easier than just it seems… particularly with a bit of help from an enthusiastic alien busybody. Rating: FRM Pairings: numerous, varied, slash (from both types) and you may het Warnings: Bien au, AR, Humor, Romance, Smut, and a small amount of all else thrown for the since state requires it ! Significantly more getting added due to the fact called for. Author’s Cards: Prior to looking over this, excite bear in mind that I’m credit emails and you can general info from their particular citizens. Don’t assume cannon! I am throwing away a lot of problems throughout the brand new collection (plural) which you’ll rip your hair out in search of specific semblance off reality. Just match new move, provides a number of humor and you may heavier breathing minutes, and enjoy. This is exactly created alot more to have my own personal fulfillment than simply anything. Right here indeed there feel no Mary Sue’s or Gary Stu’s, but the occasional OC commonly skin in which I would not decide the best places to bargain someone else’s off *grin* Disclaimer: Gods, where to begin? Let us set a great blanket “I do not own any reputation you comprehend” for the here. Individuals wanting to nitpick about and that conglomerates individual hence collection, please current email address me personally and you will I will ultimately include it with my personal cards someplace. If your characters and you can/or universes belonged if you ask me, I might getting way of living large and you will without expenses debt collectors.

Newly accredited Brigadier Standard Jack O’Neill (that have a couple L’s) brushed the tiny dirt motes off their sleeve to possess a final date, straightened their defense, and you may inhaled significantly. He had zero demand for political online game of any kind, however, it was you to definitely conference he couldn’t stop. Otherwise push off towards his 2nd-in-Command, Lt. Col. Samantha Carter.

A guide exposed the fresh new reception doorway, gesturing your for the this new President’s private office. “Sir, Mr. Chairman will see you now.”

“Thank you, Mr. Cawlson,” Jack grinned at rapidly retreating setting. Hell, We wouldn’t wanted their jobs no matter what much it paid myself. Speak about towards-the-jobs be concerned!

Yet another cleansing inhale. I’m able to accomplish that. I need to do this. Jack strode on office, closure the doorway safely trailing him. He given his Chief-in-Head a sharp salute, dropping into the a sloppy procession other individuals having a grin. “Mr. Chairman, I have just got straight back from a conference with your Asgard allies…”

An icy-cold beer in a single give, Jack sank towards his lounger having a sound. Not really the best make could make today simpler. After all the bang-ups, all of the black colored marks and you can reports out-of borderline insubordination, and they nonetheless promoted him. Facing their often, even! Provided, he was not providing any more youthful, and his awesome hips were a hazard in some instances. But nevertheless…

Certain WeirdAss Mix

General George Hammond are by far an educated frontrunner he’d actually ever given. Together with sneakiest young buck regarding good bitch sometimes. He’d started dragged straight-out of your clinic out of SG1’s latest FUBAR objective, plaster however drying out toward his broken remaining arm, in order to an informal service about mess hallway.

It had been high enjoying Carter’s deal with since she gotten their unique campaign in order to Lieutenant Colonel. She it is earned new honor, and achieving Jacob (and Selmak) discover just the icing to the pie. Tears dropped freely, even though no body try fearless enough to label Jacob inside it. It actually was a father’s prerogative, anyway, to obtain a tiny weepy more than his daughter’s achievements.

Another a couple people in its team endured of the eg doting old uncles. Dr. Daniel Jackson, several PhD as well as to know-it-most of the, a knowledgeable pal Jack had ever endured, performed their best to stay at the interest in his towards the-foot fatigues. You would never know it to consider him today, but Daniel however loathed brand new armed forces institution. He performed the fresh consistent proud, especially for getting a civilian contractor roped on the that it loony container. In the their top loomed its alien teammate, Teal’c, standing thus high and you may upright he looked to be manufactured out-of granite. A badly smug expression (observed simply to those who know him better) was lay solidly to the his deal with as he saw the proceedings with fulfillment.