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Your application will be reviewed to verify that you meet the eligibility and qualification requirements for the position prior to issuing referral lists to the selecting official. If further evaluation or interviews are required, you will be contacted. Log in to your USAJOBS account to check your application status. At CoverMyMeds, we care about the well-being of the patients and communities we serve, and that starts with caring for our people. That’s why we have a Total Rewards package that includes comprehensive benefits to supportphysical, mental, and financial well-being. Our Total Rewards offerings serve the different needs of our diverse employee population and ensure they are the healthiest versions of themselves.

We know that remote work relies heavily on effective communication and collaboration. So, looking for candidates with excellent written and verbal communication skills is critical here. Recruiting software helps you manage your candidate pipeline, find new remote interview meaning candidates, and keep a database of job applicants that can be managed over time. We’ll outline specific software, like BambooHR and Indeed in the Tools & Resources section below. Provide a clear job title that accurately represents the duties of the role.

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We advertise job offers on StackOverflow Careers, Github Jobs and a few other prominent job boards, clearly highlighting that it is a 100% remote job. People apply through a form in our website that creates a Trello card in a big board that we use to track candidates during the whole application process. During the remote hiring process, be specific about your goals and what you want from the role.

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Before and during the interview, you’ll likely have to provide the employer with work samples. Requesting samples and original work assignments are very common practices with remote and in-person employers. It helps them get a fuller idea of not only how you work but how you work remotely. Before you apply for any job, you should always do your homework on the company. And though you may think it’s harder to research a remote company or learn about its culture, that’s not the case. Onboarding tasks should include a collection of all the required information, hardware, documents and data such as passwords.

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Slack is a popular platform to discuss the many candidates and collaborate with your hiring team during the hiring process. Subsequent interview rounds allow candidates to meet with the relevant parties and understand the role and responsibilities on a deeper level. You also identify if the candidate has the relevant skills to succeed on the job, and dive into administrative details such as working terms, benefits, and contractual agreements. Some companies will advertise remote positions while, in fact, they aren’t fully remote. Finding the right candidate for a remote job is half the work; the other half is bringing them aboard. One way to make it easier is by contracting a remote recruitment company.

The process to become a full-time [A]gent has multiple stages and takes a long time. Our process weeds out people who are looking to quickly switch jobs, or who are not looking to get to know the company little-by-little. We believe no matter how good the interviews and tests are, you really don’t know somebody until you work with them. And likewise, they really don’t know what the experience of being an [A]gent is going to be like until they’ve tasted it. Hiring remote workers can be very different than on-site since the interviews happen off-site.

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For example, if your team is planning to work remotely one day a week, hiring someone with remote work experience might not be crucial. But if your plan is to scale your team with fully remote employees, then that experience is a must. To learn more about communication in remote teams, check out what our CTO, Marcelo Lebre, says about asynchronous working. Our hiring process generally starts with some small “interview project” we ask candidates to complete related to the position.

  • We post them a variety of places including FlexJobs and Craigslist.
  • Platforms like Flex Jobs,, and We Work Remotely have dedicated sections for remote job listings.
  • Other great additions are photos and short intros of all the staff or team members.
  • If you haven’t heard this term before, don’t be scared, we are not going to take your head off.
  • When your team is fully distributed, supervisors and coworkers may miss some of the subtle cues that help them understand and assist you.
  • For example, if your team is planning to work remotely one day a week, hiring someone with remote work experience might not be crucial.