This new Red-colored-banded Bumble bee is an average-sized bumble bee, that have queens, reproductive guys, and a smaller staff member status

This new Red-colored-banded Bumble bee is an average-sized bumble bee, that have queens, reproductive guys, and a smaller staff member status

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He has a short deal with and you will tongue duration in accordance with most almost every other bumble bees. The fresh new upperside off a lot of the new abdomen try black, but there’s a unique, wider selection of golden-yellow tresses across the areas 2 and you may step three (Figure step one). Segment 5 was black or pale yellow-brown.

The latest guys was comparable within the colour on the females, although they will often have way more yellow hairs on the deal with. They are intermediate in dimensions between queens and you may gurus, and get relatively brief antennae (COSEWIC 2015). To learn more about morphology, select Williams ainsi que al. (2014).

The fresh new Reddish-banded Bumble-bee try previously thought conspecific with the West Bumble Bee ( Bombus occidentalis) but Bertsch et al. (2010) and you may Williams ainsi que al. (2012) said mitochondrial CO1 sequences sufficiently divergent to consider the two ) found consistent morphological and you will unit characters help a few collection of types.

Figure step one. King Red-banded Bumble-bee towards willow, Ontario. T2 and you will T3: Intestinal tergites dos and you may 3. Photo: Sarah Johnson. Combined with permission.

Shape step 1 illustrates a picture of a virtually-upwards away from a king reddish-banded Bumblebee chaudes mariГ©es Australie toward willow, Ontario. It implies that new abdomen of one’s Reddish-banded Bumblebee try black colored as there are a standard selection of golden-yellow around the the avenues dos and step three with avenues 5 becoming black colored.

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The new Yellow-banded Bumble-bee happen merely in The united states. It ranges off Georgia northern so you’re able to Labrador, and west from north All of us and you may Canada so you can Montana, United kingdom Columbia (BC), the brand new Northwest Regions (NT), in addition to southeastern Yukon (YT) (Shape 2). Their northern maximum about pursue latitudinal treeline. Earlier information from Alaska (e.g., because the revealed when you look at the COSEWIC (2015)) have already been reassessed, while the Red-colored-banded Bumble-bee no longer is said to be part of one to state’s fauna (Sikes and you will Rykken 2020). Approximately fifty-60% of their all over the world diversity is during Canada (COSEWIC 2015).

territory except Nunavut (NU) (COSEWIC 2015), although it might result on the unsurveyed southwestern area of this region (Figure dos). About YT it is missing to the west of the Mackenzie Hills, nevertheless range extensively towards the central section of BC (COSEWIC 2015).

Contour 2. Around the world directory of Yellow-banded Bumble bee. Observations (art gallery specimens and photo verified in the iNaturalist (2020) and you can Bumble bee See (2019)) once the 2009 is depicted because of the navy blue dots. Northern maximum away from assortment not sure, particularly in main Canada. Studies regarding L. Richardson and you can S. Cannings, chart by B. Fournier (Bodies of Northwest Territories). Dataset is not full; specific specimens (elizabeth.g. those in Prescott ainsi que al. 2019) were not included since the studies is actually acquired immediately after .

Contour dos suggests the worldwide list of the latest Yellow-banded Bumblebee. The number runs from Georgia northern to help you Labrador and you will west through the fresh north Us and Canada so you’re able to Montana, Uk Colombia as well as the Northwest Areas. It occurs in any Canadian state and you will area except Nunavut. The fresh new observations of the species between 1824 and you can 2008 are exhibited having light dots together with observations of one’s species between 2009 and you will 2019 try showed having deep blue dots.

This new Red-colored-banded Bumble-bee was once perhaps one of the most popular bumble bees of eastern and you will boreal Canada but its abundance southern out of the brand new boreal regions began to lowering of early 90s. Development data was incomplete, although top readily available investigation lay shows relative variety (Yellow-banded Bumble-bee according to all bumble bees) on 10 local websites round the southern (sub-boreal) Canada (regarding 100 Distance Home, BC, and you may Edmonton eastern by way of Ottawa and you will Montreal on Atlantic Provinces) -2013 (Desk 2 in the COSEWIC 2015). Overall, the Purple-banded Bumble-bee possess maintained the broad range regardless of the refuses; one Canadian difference tends to be high southwestern Ontario (we.elizabeth. south and you can to the west of Kitchener-Waterloo), in which the types is actually always uncommon and you will partners or no possess become discover since 2004 (Colla and you may Dumesh 2010; COSEWIC 2015, iNaturalist 2020).